Equine Services


The large animal veterinarians and staff at Shuswap Veterinary Clinic are dedicated to providing its equine patients with high quality care and health services. Our veterinarians are able to provide routine and after-hours care for your horse or donkey at your location.

Health and Wellness:

We recommend annual general health and wellness examinations.


We take great pride in providing dental care for the horses under our care.


We offer routine surgical procedures for our equine clientele.

After Hours:

We’re here when you need us.  You can rely on prompt, competent and reliable after-hours care 365 days a year for the health and welfare of your horse(s).

We provide a full range of equine services, including:

  • Dental care
  • Minor surgery
  • Lameness examinations including X-rays as needed
  • Reproductive examinations
  • Assisted delivery of foals
  • Colic examinations and treatment
  • Pre – purchase and export examinations
  • General health examinations as well as diagnostic laboratory tests