Sometimes going to the vet is much like humans going to their family doctor or dentist…sometimes it’s just stressful. Visiting your pets vet for a routine check up or for a health concern, can be stressful for both of you due to the unknown- what happens if…. To get the most from your visit, you’ll want to prepare as much in advance, that you use the time to have as many questions answered and prepare for the follow- up afterwards. Here are a few suggestions to help:

Schedule an appointment. In case of an emergency, we will also try to work your pet into the schedule, but it helps if the vet knows you are coming and what the purpose of the appointment is. You may also be asked to provide some history or samples (fecal) for your appointment.

Take regular care of your pet. From brushing his hair, cleaning his teeth, to regular exercise and trimming nails, it is important to keep your pet comfortable and healthy. Be aware of any weight gains, hair loss, personality change or any noticeable changes. Touching your pets face, ears, feet, legs tail or any other part not normally touched, makes their visit a little less stressful. 

Make notes and provide history about your pet. You know your pet better than anyone and you’ll notice changes in their habits and personality. It is helpful for your vet if you have notes when you noticed any changes. Also if you or your pet had done anything different that may have caused these changes. whether it food or environment, your vet will want to know.

Prepare questions for your vet. This is similar to the previous suggestion. Be prepared. In this case, prepare questions in advance so you do ask. Often we forget as we have so much on our mind. 

Have your pet comfortable with the carrier. For cats especially, if they are comfortable in a carrier, the drive to the clinic is so much more enjoyable. For dogs, ensure you bring them to the clinic on a leash for their safety and others.

No food the night before. This will be communicated to you prior to your visit. You can ask your vet if they want you to avoid feeding your pet the night before. 

Enjoy the visit yourself. Often times our pets pick up on our feelings. If we are anxious, our pets will sense this, just as if we are relaxed